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Introducing the iTAS PAMSPAN 501x. Click here for more information. [+]

Click here for more details about the iTAS IPAM-4800 Series product line. [+]
The ftp address below is for the iTAS Download Library which provides customized Firmware, Datasheets, Technical Document Overviews, User Guides, Quick Start Guides, SNMP MIB Files, and other product-related information.

For security reasons and the privacy of our customers, iTAS does not provide remote browser access to the Download Library for the general public. To access the Download Library, a customer username and password is required. If you do not have a username and password, please contact our Sales personnel.
Introducing IPV-24S

IPV-24S uses the second version of the VDSL technology on FHHC, FTTB MTU [+]
Introducing IPW-08Ex

A 8*E1 PWE3 PE which provides legacy E1/n*64k service over Ethernet PSN [+]
Introducing PAMSPAN501xEx

E1 TDM over IP access via EFM Bonding SHDSL.bis [+]
Company benefits are the encouragement and support that we provide for our employees to give them incentive and the sense of security. [+]
The iTAS Download Library provides customized Firmware, Datasheets, and other product-related information. [+]
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